Frozen Litchi

IQF Lychee

The products are manufactured from the best quality Lychee chinensis Sonn varieties with ripeness through the quick freezing.

Since the manufacturing process can prevent the water loss with perfectly separate. The IQF Lychee products can maintain their original color and taste.


Varieties : Litchi chinensis Sonn

Sizes : Whole seedless

Brix :  10 – 15

Storage : -18c or colder

Shelf Life : 2 years

IQF  Lychee

Packing size : 

5Kgs x 2Bag / Carton (NW:10.00Kgs)

2Kgs x 5Bag / Carton (NW: 10.00Kgs)

10kgs x 1Bag / Carton (NW:10.00Kgs)

12Kgs x 1Bag / Carton (NW:12.00Kgs)

Loading List:

2,500 Carton per 40'HRF for packing 10Kgs.

2,100 Carton per 40'HRF for packing 12Kgs.